OZEE app: Watch TV Shows and Movies on phone for free

Zee Media, known as India’s largest TV channel network, has recently launched a new Video on Demand app (VoD) called OZEE – Entertainment Now. The app is free. It lets you stream and watch your favorite Zee network channels and shows on your device instantly. OZEE app is available for all leading mobile operating systems (except the Windows OS). It claims to deliver an interactive video viewing experience even if you are on a low-bandwidth connection. Is the OZEE app good enough to compete with other VoD apps? Let us find it out! Here is a brief review of the OZEE – Entertainment Now app for Android.

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OZEE, being a new app, has more than 1 million users worldwide. The app is free on Google Play Store, and it supports mobile devices that run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 OS and its later versions.

If it’s compatible with your device, you can download the app’s 11.0.8 version, which comes in an APK file size of 8.32 MB. Once installed, this app uses a total storage space of 8.76 MB on your device’s internal memory, and on rare usage, it employs an average of 28 MB to a max 133 MB of RAM.

The OZEE app works only when the internet connection is on. Hence, before you launch the app, make sure that your device’s cellular data or Wi-Fi is on. Unlike other VoD apps, OZEE does not ask you to log in or create an account to stream videos. You can right away browse its vast collection of all famous ZEE Network channels on the app, completely free, and share them with other contacts.

The app also allows you to follow channels and watch the latest and full episodes of your favorite TV shows, movies, videos, and music in various regional languages when you want.

The user interface of this app is a bit complex. While using the app, you will come across the following options:

Search: To find shows, videos, movies on the app, you can use the search tool.

Shows: This interface allows users to browse TV programs, channels, etc.

Movies: This section shows the list of movies, and it lets you watch movies you find interesting. Movies in OZEE belong to one of these categories – regional, best of action, comedy, romance, etc.

Videos: To watch movie trailers, Bollywood news, recipe videos, and other cool stuff, open this interface.

Music: Here, you will find all types of music videos.

Control tray: This interface displays options to open the Home and My Shows interface. It also allows you to go through the application’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.

The app’s overall performance is good, but it lacks some handy features.


  • TV channels and videos can be enjoyed for free.


  1. The UI needs some work.
  2. Crashes while playing videos.
  3. The control tray does not come with any useful options.

If you are a big fan of the ZEE network and love to watch their programs and other stuff, you can download the OZEE app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

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