QuickPic gallery: Easy way to manage and backup photos

Offered by CM Cloud Mobile, the QuickPic Gallery is a top-rated app that enables its user to manage photos and videos on their device in a better way. This app has more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store, and it supports devices that run on Android 2.3 OS or its successors.

Being compatible with my device (Moto G3), I downloaded the QuickPic Gallery app’s version that comes with an APK file size of 2.97 MB. Once installed, the app uses a total storage space of 3.81 MB and an average of 22 MB to the greatest 93 MB of RAM.

QuickPic is one of the best free alternatives to your smartphone’s gallery app. It is fast, easy to use, and works well. Compared to the phone’s built-in gallery, the Quickpic app uses too much RAM. However, if we look at its features, the app is worth installing.

The Quick Pic app has the below features

1000GB  free Cloud Space: QuickPic Gallery users can backup all their necessary media files on the CM cloud and restore them when they want. However, you must have a CM account to get 1000 GB of free cloud storage space. If you haven’t created a CM account yet, create one and follow the below-mentioned methods to get additional free storage memory:

  1. If you have an invitation code, share it with your friends.
  2. If you have your friend’s invitation code, enter it in the app.

Moments: Using this option, users can group captured images by time and location.

Wi-Fi Transfer: This feature lets us transfer files to multiple devices over a WiFi connection.

Security: QuickPic Gallery allows its user to hide or exclude their private images as well as videos from all gallery apps and protect them with a lock.

Edit: Customize your images on the go by using the photo editing tools. QuickPic lets you crop, shrink, rotate, and flip pictures.

Storage Support: The app supports various online album services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, Flicker, Picasa Yandex, 500px, and more. Furthermore, if users want the app to automatically backup their photos to a specific cloud storage service or computer, they can use the Samba Sharing feature.

The user interface (UI) of this app is neat and straightforward, which makes it easy to use. Even though I’m new to this app, I did not find any difficulty using it. Quickpic Gallery comes with a handy ‘Tips and Feedback’ option that allows users to search for complex issues and give instant feedback. New users who aren’t comfortable with the QuickPic app should tap on this option to learn how QP works. Visit the app’s official download page on the Play Store if you want to try out the QuickPic app.

11 thoughts on “QuickPic gallery: Easy way to manage and backup photos”

  1. i lost my phone but i linked my quickpic app to my mail if i redownload it n relink it again with the new downloaded one can i recover the pics

  2. After reinstalling QuickPic App, I have been trying to receive and retrieve my cloud account with this app, but I am not sure which email address i used and the password that was given at the time of signing up to the cloud service. I wonder if you could help with this issue.



  3. Experienced Quick Pic user, new CM cloud user. I have given up trying to integrate Google Photos into my photo organization. For one it doesn’t work offline. At first glance I’m thinking CM Cloud is going to work for me both for cloud backup and offline viewing. But I have a question, two actually;

    1. After uploading an album I can see the album but only if I view using my Android. When I view my uploads using my PC they are all there but only in date order. Why can’t I see my albums using my PC?

    2. What is “gallery” it is empty, says I have no uploads? Maybe that’s for the albums?


    PS The fact they have ZERO support, not even chat, not good. I’m serious about buying their service but not even chat support, makes me less inclined to give them my $.

    1. Did you ever find out why you can’t see your pictures sorted by albums? I did not see a response and I have the same problem.

    1. Hi Ajs,
      Since cm cloud is closing this until July 15, 2019, did you follow the instruction that they sent to you? I managed to download all my 16,683 photos. CM cloud had sent you the .exe and instructions. If you need help just email me.

  4. my quickpic app is stuck in the “MOMENTS” folder. I want to get it back to the original settings but can’t seem to figure it out.. I dont want to re-install for fear of losing my hidden folders

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