6 Best Android weather widget apps

People buy Android devices because Android OS provides several customization options. Unlike Windows and iOS devices, you can change drawer style, icons, animations in Android OS by installing a launcher app. Although you can configure the Windows phone launcher to show email notifications and climate details on the home screen, you can’t customize the tile that displays the details. Android OS offers a unique and important feature called “widget”. People add widgets to the empty areas on the home screen of their device. A widget may display new emails, time, weather, etc. It can also show an animation or an image without draining the battery juice.

Last week, I had shared the list of the best Android clock widgets. Today, I have covered the best Android weather widget apps. If you are searching for a standalone weather widget for your Android device, download one of the following applications.

Best weather widget apps for Android

Weather and Clock Widget

weather and clock widget app

WACW from DevExpert.net is a weather app with a simple UI and many features. It enables you to see the weather for the coming ten days. It has an option to share the details of the climate with other users. The app adds ten new weather widgets to your device. The larger weather widgets display the humidity, pressure, wind speed, temperature, etc.

The smaller weather widget will display the weather forecast only. WACW supports mobile devices running on Android 2.3+ OS. To see the climate details of your area, you must help the app in identifying your location. To do so, enable location access permission for third-party applications. If WACW doesn’t detect your location, run it, and choose the “My location” option. Now, locate your address on the Google Map manually.

Download WACW

Transparent Weather widget

Transparent weather widget app

TWW is an application that adds customizable and resizable weather widgets to your mobile device. The widget has a transparent background. Its UI is based on material design. You can change the text font, background color, and icon of the weather widget generated by this application.

The application features seven icon libraries. When you run TWW, it will try to identify your location. If it fails to detect your address, you must enter the name of your city in the text box displayed on the screen. TWW enables you to set weather information refresh time. It provides weather forecasts for up to 7 days. It can show climate details of up to 10 different locations.

Download TWW

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1Weather app

1Weather is one of the most accurate weather forecasting apps on the Google Play Store. It provides real-time detail of the climate at your place and has a great design. Its main interface flaunts 5+ tabs that show the weather details, sunrise/sunset timing, precipitation level, etc. One of the tabs allows you to see the weather radar. 1Weather features a simple weather widget that displays only one image and the current temperature. It also offers a widget that shows climate information in detail. 1W displays cool weather facts when you run it.

Download 1Weather

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Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather widget app for Android

Yahoo, one of the leading internet companies, has launched several apps on the Play Store. Its weather app is widely used. It has about 50 million active users. YW employs terrific graphics and animations to display climate information. It enables you to track weather in up to 20 cities. To get started with this application, users must specify their location by placing their finger on the screen and swiping right. YW allows users to submit photos and explore maps that display the direction of the wind, pressure, etc. It supports weather forecasting. Like other weather apps I’ve covered here, YW ships with a weather radar module.

Download Yahoo Weather

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AccuWeather - Android weather widget app

AccuWeather is a beautiful Android weather app that provides every vital detail of the climate of your city. It can alert you of severe weather conditions. It displays precipitation forecasts in real-time and has the option to open the weather radar module. AccuWeather allows users to watch weather videos. It also lets you go through the weather news of your region. It makes you aware of weather information for the 15 coming days. AccuWeather supports 30+ languages. It can save infinite locations. It supports 24-hour and 12-hour formats. To make the analysis of weather easier for the user, the app can generate graphs of various types, and it also adds cool weather widgets to your phone.

Download Accuweather

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Weather Underground

Weather Underground app

WU is an easy-to-use app that displays important details of the weather of your place on a single interface. Hence, you don’t have to explore the application to get details of the climate. The app gives you access to live webcams. It allows users to report weather details to the WU service. The information shared by you will be helpful to other users. Apart from climate information, WU makes you aware of the air pollution level, viral disease updates, ultraviolet rays radiation risks in the city you’re planning to visit. The app supports push notifications. It offers 3+ customizable weather widgets.

Download Weather Underground

Final thoughts: The above 6 Android weather apps provide correct information on the climate. They offer beautiful/cool weather widgets and have a superb user interface.

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