Best Android Firewall Apps No Root Access required

Mobile phones and tablets are disguised as minicomputers. They allow you to do everything which you can do on your PC. For example, you can play Android Simulation Game, track your expenses, create notes, manage emails, and more.

As people have switched to mobile devices for everyday tasks, they must use a powerful firewall app for securing their device.

Firewalls allow users to block incoming connections. Hence, if you’ve connected your device to the internet, the hacker’s every attempt to gain access to your device will fail.

Smart firewalls block malware and viruses. They let you configure rules to block URLs or domain names having a specific keyword.

If you’re searching for a good Android firewall application for your mobile phone or tablet, go through the following paragraphs.

Best firewall apps for Android

No Root Firewall

no root firewall app for Android

NRF is a tiny app with extremely useful features. It has a gray/white color interface which flaunts a tabbed panel with the following tabs:

Home: Here, you’ll find two buttons i.e. start and stop. These two buttons allow you to establish a VPN connection on your mobile phone.

Pending apps: In this section, the user will find a list of apps that the firewall has denied permission to transfer data over the internet.

Apps: This tab allows users to allow or deny WiFi/data connection to apps you’ve installed.

Filters: Here, you can set up advanced filters. While creating a filter, the NRF asks you to enter an address/domain name and a port number.

Access log: You can check the firewall activity with No Root Firewall for Android.

NRF doesn’t require root access. It’s a great app with a good interface and smart features.

Download No root Firewall


netguard - best Android Firewall Apps for 2017

NetGuard is a free firewall app for Android that provides plenty of cool features free of cost. It has a toggle option to enable or disable the firewall functionality. NetGuard provides options to:

  • Allow WiFi or 3G/GPRS/4G connection access when the screen is off/on.
  • Block network access when SIM is working on roaming mode.

NetGuard lets users enable logging feature for certain applications. It provides advanced network settings wherein you can enable/disable:

  • Subnet routing, IPv6 traffic
  • Support for metered WiFi, data connection.

You can configure the NetGuard No Root Android firewall app to filter data packets going out of secure VPN channel.

Download NetGuard

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mobiwall firewall app for Android

Below are the various options you’ll find in Mobiwol:

Firewall status: Here, users can turn on/off the firewall module by tapping on the toggle button.

Firewall Rule: Users can easily configure data transfer rules for individual apps through this interface.

Logs: You can check the content of the log file generated by the incoming/outgoing IP packets in the logs section.

Data usage: Mobiwol tracks your data usage when you enable its firewall feature.

Download Mobiwol



InterGuard is yet another top-rated Android firewall App that works without prompting users to enable root access. It has 10000+ users.

IG displays filters, a search utility, a menu icon, a list of applications and an option to show the app details on its main interface. This interface also features a toggle option to enable/disable the firewall. Besides the app name, you’ll see two icons. Users should tap the WiFi icon to prevent the app from using the WiFi connection. Similarly, if you don’t want the application to use mobile data, tap the mobile data icon.

IG saves the firewall rules on the fly. Hence, it won’t prompt users to apply or discard new rules when they quit the app. InterGaurd has a user-friendly interface. You can configure it to maintain the history of firewall rules you’ve set up and use the dark theme instead of the light theme.

InternetGuard supports subnet routing, tethering, etc. It can also access the local area network. You can use this feature only if your device is connected to LAN. IG provides an option to enable firewall rules for certain networks. It lets users import and export settings.

InternetGuard allows users to set the PCAP record size, filter VPN network traffic, etc

Download InternetGuard

Conclusion: A firewall app is must have application for phone and tablet users who don’t use an Antivirus. Install and configure the firewall once and forget about security issues. Apart from using a good firewall application, make sure that you use a good web browser such as Google Chrome. The browser from Google has the safe browsing feature that reports malicious URLs as soon as you try to open them.