Top 4 Best File Transfer app for Android

Bluetooth has become an outdated technology. If you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, you should avoid using it for transferring files.

Although USB 2.0 and 3.0 can transfer data at a speed within 60 to 100 megabytes/second, transferring large files to the PC or a mobile device over a USB connection may take several minutes. This is because most mobile phone manufacturing companies install low-speed storage hardware in their devices. If you’re using a cheap MicroSD card, the file transfer speed will be slow. If you move the same files to a faster MicroSD, the transfer speed will increase two-fold.

To move files at high speed, you don’t have to upgrade your device or buy a new MicroSD card if you own a smartphone. Manufacturers equip their mobile devices with WiFi hardware. The speed of a WiFi connection can reach up to 100 MB/second.

Transferring files with WiFi requires you to install a file transfer app on your device. The applications provide a file explorer tool and they let you send multiple files and folders at a time. Below, we’ve shared the top Android file transfer apps.

Best Android File Transfer apps

Lenovo ShareIT


ShareIT is the world’s most popular file transfer app. It is a lightweight utility that runs on a mobile device and desktops powered by the Windows OS. It can transfer files from mobile to PC or vice versa.

As ShareIT uses WiFI technology instead of a mobile data connection, you can move large files with it in a few seconds. ShareIT provides a special feature called WebShare that enables you to send and receive files from a web page. With this feature, you can share transfer images, music, APK, video, and PDF files with other users. To use this function, you must select a file that you want to transfer.

Once you have chosen the files, you must share the special URL generated by the app with your friend. Then, you must ask him to connect his mobile device to the hotspot created by ShareIT. The mobile phone of your friend will begin downloading the file as soon as he opens the URL.

ShareIT has a “My Share Zone” feature that creates a shared hotspot connection on your mobile device. When it creates a hotspot, users can send files from one device to another.

ShareIT blocks other people from accessing your hotspot connection. It supports 25+ languages. ShareIT ships with an option to enable hotspot encryption. It supports WiFi direct technology. It allows users to go through the history of successful file transfers.

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Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Like ShareIT, you can transfer files with the WiFi direct technology with this free application. SA requires storage access permission. It won’t work if you don’t grant this permission.

The app sends the file as it is. It doesn’t modify the file content or result in data loss. To receive files, the user must either scan a QR code or enter the 6 digit number generated by Send Anywhere.

SA supports file encryption. It enables you to preview the files before sending it to another device so that you don’t end up sending a private photo or video. Send Anywhere has a beautiful tabbed interface. It doesn’t require 2G/3G/4G or WiFi to function.

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Zapya - best file transfer app for Android

Zapya is yet another popular cross-platform file transfer app. According to its developers, Zapya has 400+ million users.

The application allows users to send files to four devices at a time. It generates a unique QR code for a file transfer and displays the hotspot name and its password on the screen. You must share the two details with your friends or ask them to scan the QR code to receive the file.

Zapya enables you to specify the WiFi bandwidth it should use. It allows you to chat with friends within a radius of 100 feet in offline mode. If the WiFi module on your phone isn’t working, you can transfer files with Bluetooth. Like ShareIT, Zapya can generate a special download link that you can share with friends on social networks.

Zapya identifies and groups files that users commonly share with their friends. It has a function to take pictures from the camera of another smartphone over a WiFi connection. It features a media player tool and a gallery utility. Like ShareIT, Zapya is a cross-platform application.

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Xender - best Android file transfer app

Xender lets users manage and explore files saved on the SD card or the phone’s ROM. It lets users create groups. A file shared in the group will be available for group members.

Xender has two floating buttons to send or receive files. It has a phone replicate feature which you can use to copy data from one phone to another. Xender can transfer files to another device at great speeds. To send files, you must install Xender on the device where the file exists. The app doesn’t need to be installed on the target device.

The app supports cross-platform file transfer operations. You can send all types of files with the free Xender app without turning on the mobile data connection.

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Conclusion: The above four apps work great on all types of Android devices. ShareIT should be your first choice. If you don’t like it or find the app confusing, use one of its alternatives we’ve covered in this article.