7 Best job apps for Android and iOS

If you’ve graduated from an average school or college with poor grades or are planning to ditch the current employer, the only thing that can get you a decent or high-paying job is a website that allows you to find and apply for jobs.

Websites are heavy. When you open them in the phone’s browser, they’ll execute Javascript and save CSS/HTML files on your mobile device. If you’re trying to access a job site on your mobile phone, the browser’s RAM usage will increase by 40 to 50%. To avoid this, use one of the job search apps I’ve covered below on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad.

Best job apps for Android and iOS


LinkedIN job search app download

LinkedIn was an independent company until Microsoft Corporation acquired it in 2016 for 25+ billion dollars. It is the best place to find new jobs. To get started with LinkedIn, you must create a free LinkedIn account. Once your account is ready, you can add your qualification, previous job experiences, certificate, award details to your profile. Job seekers must duly complete their LinkedIn profile to increase the chances of getting a job through LinkedIn.

1000s of multinational companies hire people through LinkedIn. They publish details of new job openings in the LinkedIn groups. To get updates from the companies, you can either follow them or join groups. LinkedIn is used by CEOs, CFOs, engineers, scientists, designers of top companies. It allows you to connect with other professionals.

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Indeed best job search apps

The statement big things come in small packages holds true for this app. Indeed is a tiny app that gives you access to 1000s of employment opportunities. You can use it with or without registration to find contract, full-time, fresher, or internship jobs. To search for job opportunities with LinkedIn, you must have a LinkedIn account. This is not the case with Indeed. To find jobs on Indeed, you must enter the job profile and the name of the city/state where you’re willing to work. Once you enter these two details, tap the blue color button.

Indeed displays jobs matching the information you enter in the text fields in a nice interface. The interface displays the salary, job posting date, brief detail of the company, and rating. Indeed allows you to bookmark jobs. It lets users filter jobs offered by firms that are within 50 kilometers range of their proximity.


Glassdoor app free download

If you’re searching for a job that provides a better salary than your previous employer, download the free Glassdoor app. Glassdoor gives a helpful insight into the company you’re looking forward to working with. It makes you aware of the nature of the existing employees and the salary structure of various job profiles. The information you find in Glassdoor is provided by the current or ex-employees of the companies.

Glassdoor displays notifications when there’s a new job opening. It enables you to share job openings with other users. The application has a clean interface. It ships with a powerful search tool. Glassdoor allows users to follow top companies. It lets users upload resumes so that they can apply for jobs quickly.

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Trovit - best job apps for iPhone and Android

Trovit is a popular job app for Android and iOS. It has 5 million downloads and a superb rating on the App Stores. Trovit detects your location and displays jobs that are available in your region. To find job openings in other countries, navigate to the app’s settings interface. Then, change the country. Finding and applying for an open position is easy with Trovit. Open the app’s main window and fill the two text fields to find a job. Then, tap the search button.

Trovit displays openings from large multinational companies as well as startups. It lets users bookmark jobs. Trovit enables you to share the current openings with friends. The app displays the recently searched jobs on its main interface. It allows you to create personalized alerts.

Monster Job Search

Monster - best job apps for Android and iOS

Monster.com is one of the largest job search portals in Asia. For some reason, its application has average ratings. Like LinkedIn, Monster lets you connect with other job seekers. It enables you to follow companies and get updates from them in real-time.

The app lets users find jobs from their mobile devices. It can import users’ resumes from cloud storage platforms. If you’ve created an account with the Monster.com website, you can manage your account with this application. Monster is compatible with Android 4.0+ and iOS OS running devices.

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Job Today

Job Today app download

JT is one of the top job apps for Android and iOS. It is an excellent app for finding employment opportunities in local businesses such as shops, eateries, malls, etc. According to its developer, if you apply for a job with JT, you’ll hear from the employer within 24 hours. JT allows a job seeker to chat with the recruiter. You’ll have to register an account to use it.

CareerBuilder Job search

CareerBuilder job search app

CB is a free app that maintains a list of jobs you’ve applied to. It lets you upload resumes you’ve saved on the phone’s storage memory. You can also import your resume from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Career Builder allows users to save jobs. It provides an option to find jobs by name, location, or a specific keyword. CB analyzes the user’s profile/search history and suggests jobs. The recommendations are based on the keywords the user has used to search for jobs.

Final thoughts: The 7 job apps for Android and iOS I’ve shared above have excellent features and genuine listings. If you use them daily, your chances of getting recruited by a top firm will be great.

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