Top 6 Best Apps for Teachers

Teachers have to manage and keep an eye on the activities of many students at a time. They’ve to check tons of papers, prepare the timetable, create progress reports, encourage students, etc. As teachers play an important role in shaping the lives of children, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are serving the government and parents.

Although teaching is not an easy profession, the life of teachers can become easier if they use apps designed especially for them. The applications will save the time of teachers and improve their productivity.

Best apps for teachers

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free app that allows teachers to create a virtual classroom where they can post new questions, assignments, make an important announcement, etc.

GC has the option to invite students or co-teachers to join the classroom. It saves your data on Google Drive. Teachers can archive the class data and free up space from their GDrive account. They can link study materials with the class.

Classes you create with this app are linked with the Google Calendar. Hence, you can see the class data by date. Users can transfer the ownership of class to a co-teacher. GC displays the details of students who have submitted and didn’t submit their assignments.

Google Classroom is secure and lightweight. It is a part of G-Suite. As it is an online service, you can access GC on Windows or Mac PC. GC requires account registration. If you have got a Google account, you can log in to the app and start using it straight away.


Dojo Class

Dojo is a great alternative to Google Classroom. It is a feature-rich application for teachers. To create a class, teachers must create a Dojo account by entering their email address and password. Students can join an existing classroom by scanning the QR code or entering a special invitation code generated by the app.

Once users log in to their account, the app will display a list of schools (groups). Teachers must go through this list carefully. If teachers work for any of the schools, they can connect with other staff members of the school by joining the group. The app isn’t restricted to school usage. Individuals teaching in a private institute can use it by selecting the “I don’t teach in school” option.

Dojo lets teachers send direct messages to parents. It also allows them to rate the skill of the student and share the same with parents. If the performance of the student is not up to the mark, teachers can encourage him/her by awarding a special skill (For example, hardworking, team player, etc). Dojo enables teachers to create a group within a class.

Dojo provides an attendance tracker utility. It has the option to sort the list of students and add a new teacher to the existing classroom. The app can work in offline mode, but it needs an internet connection to backup your data. Parents can use Dojo to see the progress of their children.

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Planboard - apps for teachers

PlanBoard is a great app to schedule and manage lessons. PB features a wizard utility. Hence, it is easy to use. In the first step of the wizard, the app asks you to enter the name of the semester. In the next step, you’ll be prompted to select the semester start and end date. Then, you’ll be requested to select your semester duration and the number of days you’re planning to teach. Once you enter the requested data, the app will ask you to create the subject.

Users can add a lesson or curriculum set to their subject. Like subjects, lessons in this app are easy to create. To make sure that you don’t forget to discuss an important point during a lecture, you can add a short note or an attachment to the lesson. Planboard enables users to create and manage lesson plans, timelines, and subjects. It lets users sync their data to the

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Teachers Gradebook

Teachers Gradebook

Teachers Gradebook is an app that lets teachers manage the grades of the students. It doesn’t require account registration and has various functions. The app lets you import student data from a CSV file. Before importing the data, you can specify the date format and select the character set.

TG has the option to update the existing data of a student. It features an attendance register, class planner, and class diary utilities. It enables you to filter the attendance data by the month, week or between two dates.

The table boasts the names of students and their grades aka test score. You can add new score columns to the table and sort the table data. You can configure Teachers Gradebook to highlight grades/rows with a specific color. This feature helps teachers in finding students with good and poor scores quickly.

By default, TG displays average scores of the students at the bottom of the table. To see the maximum, minimum, or total score instead of the average score, tap the row. TG enables you to export the table data to a PDF or CSV file.

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Edmodo is similar to Google Classroom. It has a beautiful interface that boasts the following tabs:

Stream: Here, teachers can share educational materials with the students. The material can be a website URL, pictures or a video.

Class: A class in Edmodo is a place where students and teachers can communicate with each other. To join a class, students must enter a special six-digit code provided by their teacher. The code is generated by the app. Teachers can create notes, homework, and make announcements in the class. They can allocate a different assignment to each student. They can also specify a deadline for the assignments in Edmodo.

Messaging: Users can send messages to students or their connections via this interface.

Notifications: Here, teachers can see the activities of their students, requests to join a class, group, etc.

The app allows teachers to moderate comments on posts. It has the option to hide posts from the parents.

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Kahoot is an Android/IOS app that allows you to create and share quizzes for free. When you run it, you’ll be asked to choose a mode. If you’re a teacher, choose the “Teachers” option. If you’re a student, select the “Students” option.

Creating a new quiz is easy with Kahoot. While creating one, you’ll be asked to upload a cover image, enter the title/description for the quiz. You’ll be also prompted to change the quiz visibility settings. It is not compulsory to upload images. Kahoot can insert a picture of your choice from Getty Images in your quiz.

The app lets you find quizzes by topic/name. Registration is not required to use Kahoot but to track the progress of the students or the results of the quizzes you’ve answered, you’ll have to register an account.

Conclusion: Google Classroom, Edmodo, DojoClass, Gradebook, PlanBoard, and Kahoot are the best apps for teachers and educators.