Best medical apps for doctors and patients

An experienced doctor has great skills and confidence. A newbie doctor tries his best to diagnose the patient’s problem but sometimes he might not be able to fully treat the patient. Example: One of my relatives was suffering from severe cough for 2 to 3 weeks. Even though she was on medication, the cough didn’t subside. Ironically, the doctor changed the medication a few times, but she had no relief. She visited an experienced doctor and started taking medication prescribed by him. The cough disappeared after 2 days.

In the above case, the patient would not have suffered if the junior doctor had sought advice from a senior doctor. Also, the patient should have checked the symptoms with an app to make sure that she’s getting the right treatment.

In the age of the internet, it is easy to get in touch with doctors and find details of diseases. Below, we’ve shared the list of apps through which doctors and patients can seek medical advice from other doctors and increase their knowledge by going through articles published by experts.

Best medical apps



The DailyRounds is an app used by doctors to discuss medical cases. Doctors can share radiology, pathology, ECG reports of patients if they’re not able to diagnose the cause of the underlying health condition. Patients can also share their reports to get a second opinion from doctors.

DailyRounds is used to discuss acute as well as chronic medical cases. In addition to cases, you can see drug details, read important medical guidelines, and use the app’s built-in medical calculators for free. DR requires account registration. The best thing about this app is that anyone can use it.

PS: You might find gross images in this app.

Medscape by WebMD


Medscape has around 4 million users. It is the most popular medical app on our list. Medscape gives you access to detailed on disease and topics of medical sciences which makes it a great educational resource for aspiring doctors.

The app has calculators and a pill identifier tool through which you can get information on pills by selecting their color, size, shape, score, etc. It also features a drug interaction checker utility which you can use to see whether the pills prescribed to you or the pills you’ll intake will react with each other or not.

Medscape allows you to go through medical case studies published in the online medical journals. Unfortunately, you cannot post your case studies in Medscape. Patients will have to find the cause of their health conditions themselves by reading the Medscape health topics.

Drugs is the best app to get information on medicines and their side effects. Unlike Medscape and DailyRounds, account registration is not required to use The app will display a warning when a medicine is not safe to take with alcohol or during pregnancy. It allows users to write a review of tables/capsules and rate medicines on a scale of 0 to 10.

DRDC allows users to find pharmaceutical stores nearby them. It lets you print and share details of medicines with other users. DRDC provides a symptom checker, pill identifier, and interaction checker tool. It enables you to filter drugs by class and condition. It lets users see important updates from the FDA.

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Teach Me Anatomy

Teach Me Anatomy

TMA is a free app that teaches medical students and enthusiasts the function of various parts of the body. It covers the details of all human organs.

TMA makes uses of graphics and videos to make the complex subject of anatomy easy to understand. It saves data on your phone so that you can go through articles without connecting the phone to the internet. Teach Me Anatomy includes quizzes so that you can test your knowledge or prepare yourself for an exam. Its size is around 100 megabytes.

Ada – Your Health Guide


Are you in pain of late? Have you fallen sick? Ada is a health guide app that uses a powerful algorithm to diagnose the problem the user is suffering from.

Ada asks users to enter, name and age. It also asks users whether they smoke and suffer from diabetes. Ada asks a series of questions to the users. Then, it generates a report which has detailed information on the problem.

The app features a condition library where you’ll find a list of most common diseases. To see the details and symptoms of the disease, tap it. Ada provides a symptom tracker tool.

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Medisafe: Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker


Medisafe is a free app that lets users set pill reminders. It is a must-have app for the people who are sick and have to intake medicines daily. To create a reminder, you’ll have to enter the following details:

  • Reminder time.
  • Schedule.
  • Share/color.
  • Condition.
  • Name of the doctor who prescribed the medicine.
  • Instruction.

In addition to the above details, Medisafe has an option to turn on the Prescription Refill alert on/off.

Once you set a pill reminder, you can see the details, side effects, dosage, and interactions of the tablet/capsule. Apart from pills, Medisafe can also remind users of the upcoming appointments with doctors. Medisafe allows users to track cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, calories, glucose, creatine, pulse rate, body temperature, etc.

Note: Although the internet has every bit of information you need, it can’t replace doctors. If you’re sick, visit a doctor. Self-medication can be fatal.

Conclusion: Drugs, Medscape, DailyRounds, Ada, Teach Me Anatomy, and Medisafe are the best apps for doctors and patients.

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