5 Best speedometer apps for Android

A speedometer is a powerful device that displays the current speed of a person or a vehicle. It is available for purchase on Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and other eCommerce portals for $5 to $500. Frankly speaking, you don’t have to spend money on a speedometer. Below, I’ve shared some cool apps that will convert your phone into a full-fledged speedometer. Modern Android phones support GPS navigation technology. They also allow you to activate the high-speed data connection on the mobile device. The speedometer apps I’ve covered here use these two features of your phone, and they’re accurate. More importantly, they are free.

As the applications use the GPS on your phone to determine the speed of the user or your car/bike/boat or any other vehicle, make sure that you enable the GPS feature on your phone before running them. You can use the speedometer apps during personal training or as an alternative to the mechanical speedometer of your vehicle. If you use the apps wisely, you can become a better driver or a sportsperson. Here’s the list of the top speed tracking apps on the Google Play Store:

5 Best Android speedometer apps

Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse speedometer app

Ulysse is a top-rated speedometer app for Android with several features. It is lightweight and has an attractive user interface. Ulysse remains active in the background and displays the speed details on the notification bar. You can easily remove its entry from the notification panel. If you want to use Ulysse for just a few minutes, you can prevent the app from running in the background by changing its settings.

Ulysse supports overlay windows. Users must permit Ulysse to draw over other apps to see speed metrics on the home screen. Ulysse allows you to change the transparency and size of the overlay interface. It provides two important features i.e. track recording and trip meters. It lets you take screenshots of the speedometer interface. The app supports customization. You can change its following settings:

  • Speed, distance, heading units.
  • Location format, switch to 12 or 24-hour time format.
  • Option to hide or show maximum/minimum speed, set speed limits, play sounds.
  • Option to automatically save the top speed in the trip meters

Users can configure this speedometer app to show weather information. They can adjust the brightness, contrast of its user interface. Ulysse supports the night mode feature and HUD mode. It lets users track themselves on Google maps.

Download Ulysse

DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD best speedometer app for Android

DigiHUD is a speedometer app for Android that can run in the background. It enables you to change the color of the text displayed on the screen. The app boasts a statistics interface where you’ll find the distance you’ve traveled. In other words, it functions as an odometer. DigiHUD automatically increases the screen’s brightness to 70% or 80%. To lower the brightness, tap on the display and select the brightness option.

DigiHUD lets users set a speed warning/limit. If you don’t want to get caught by the traffic police for overspeeding, activate and use this feature. The application enables you to change the default speed unit to MPH or KPH format. DigiHUD has a good interface. It is easy to use, lightweight and works well on low-end Android devices.

Download DigiHUD

Speedometer GPS

Android speedometer gps app

SGPS is one of the most powerful speedometer apps on our list. It requires the following two permissions to work:

  • Access device location.
  • Access photos and media files.

SGPS has an interface that resembles an actual speedometer. It is precise. Hence, it is no different from the actual device. SGPS features a speed chart interface. It provides a button to reset the information displayed on the screen. The app has a clean UI. It shows the following information on the main screen:

  • Current altitude.
  • Heading altitude.
  • Start time.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Distance traveled.

The Speedometer GPS app supports widely spoken languages such as Hindi, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, etc. It has an option to pause or resume the speed tracking function. It allows you to backup or restore the settings.

Download SGPS

SpeedView Speedometer

speedview - best speedometer app Android

SpeedView is a highly accurate Android speedometer app that provides similar features as Ulysse. It features a compass module and displays the current direction the user is traveling to. The app allows you to use your phone as a HUD. It generates a special chart that shows the current speed of the user/vehicle.

SV lets users set a speed threshold. When the current speed reaches the limit you’ve set, SpeedVew will display a warning. SpeedView supports various units. It allows users to export the recorded tracks to a file. You can save this file to the MicroSD card. SV supports background mode. It is small and powerful.

Download SpeedView

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GPS Speedometer

gps speedometer app for Android

GS is a great app for users looking for an easy-to-use speedometer. When you run GS, you’ll see the types of speedometer supported by the app and an option to choose the speed unit. Once you select a speedometer type, GS will prompt you to enable the phone’s GPS. When the app connects to the GPS, it will display your vehicle’s current/maximum/average speed, the distance you’ve traveled, and the time for which GS has been tracking your speed since the start of your trip.

GS supports three units i.e, mph, km/h, and knot. Below the units, it displays an ad. Below the ad, you’ll find the “Trip History” option. To see your recent/earlier trips, tap this option. GPS speedometer lets you set the maximum speed limit. If you’re driving at a speed above this limit, you’ll see a warning.

Download from Play Store

Final thoughts: The 5 best speedometer apps for Android I’ve shared above provide a maximum number of features free of cost. They are accurate and have advertisements which won’t annoy you.

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