Best cut and paste photo app for Android

Most free camera apps available on the Google Play Store have professional features and effects, but they don’t allow users to cut specific parts of a photo and paste it on another picture. People cut paste photos for fun and to avoid humiliation in public. Following are the good examples for the same:

  • You take a selfie in front of an expensive BMW, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, or Audi car and the car owner confronts you.
  • You take a group photo in front of a large mansion and the watchmen yells at you for doing so.
  • A person wants to take a selfie picture with his favorite sports star, actor, or actress but their bodyguards boot him in front of the public.

Instead of getting insulted in front of friends or other people, you can use one of the following applications to create realistic superimposed images (put a picture on another picture).

Best cut and paste photo apps for Android

Cut Paste Photos

best cut and paste photos app Android

With over 10 million downloads, the Cut Paste Photos app is the best application to blend a face into any object, animal, etc. Below are the various options the Cut Paste Photos app offers to the users:

Cut Photos: With this option, you can select the portion of the image as per your requirements and cut it for superimposing the photo on another picture. The app lets you choose a locally stored image. It also has the option to download the image from the web.

Advanced Edit: The interface allows you to use advanced editing tools to make changes to the image you’ve selected. Apart from editing the photo, you can apply various effects to the image or change its background with this app.

Create Collage: The app allows users to create collages from the photos saved on the memory card or the ROM. You can also add stickers to the collages, draw objects, or enter text on them with it.

Paste Photo: The app lets users paste the portion of the image they’ve selected on another picture. With this function, you can easily swap your face with the face of your favorite actor, actress, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

Replicated Mirror: RM is a special effect that adds multiple copies of the same image to a beautiful background. In other words, you can easily clone yourself on any image you like.

Smart blend and blend: These two functions automatically tilts the user-specified portion of a photo to ensure that it fits perfectly on the new image.

Your creations: Here, you’ll find pictures you’ve edited and collages you’ve created with this cut paste photo app for Android.

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PhotoLayers app

PhotoLayers is the 2nd best cut and paste photo app on our list. The application comes with limited but handy features. How to use PhotoLayers? Tap on the background image and select a picture from the phone gallery. If you want to edit a photo saved on Google Drive, tap on the menu bar, and select the Drive option. Once you choose a background picture, the Photo Layers app allows you to set an aspect ratio for it. The app supports the following aspect ratios:

  • 9:16, 3:4, 1:1.
  • 4:3, 16:9

After selecting an AR, tap the done button and choose a photo you want to superimpose on the background image. The app lets you change the dimension and orientation of the superimposed image. After making the necessary adjustments, tap the save option.

Download PhotoLayers

Photo Cut Paste Ultimate

Android Photo Cut paste app

Photo Cut Paste is yet another great app to remove the background or any other object from the picture. It allows users to copy a part of a picture on another image. You can easily create a group photo from individual photos with this application. PCP supports the mirror effect. It has the option to add a stylish border to the images. The app enables you to crop a particular section of a picture to one of the following shapes:

  • Circle, Rectangle.
  • Triangle, Square, Star.

The cropped images are copied to the clipboard so that the users can paste them on another photo.

Download PCP Ultimate


Cupace - best cut paste photo app

Cupace supports two modes – Cut and Zoom. You can select the region you want to copy by drawing a shape in the cut mode. The shape can be regular or irregular. If you choose the 2nd mode, Cupace will zoom the photo so that you can select the portion you want to cut/copy. Faces you cut/copy with it are saved automatically to the app’s built-in Face gallery. Cupace lets you insert text and stickers on images.

Download Cupace

Auto Cut-Out

Auto cut-out

ACO is like other applications I’ve shared above. You must choose an image from the phone’s gallery to use it. Then, you must draw a shape on the image with your finger. Once you’ve selected the area on the picture, tap the “Done” button. Auto Cut-Out has a “reset” button with which you can deselect the selected area. It also lets you rotate the picture. ACO ships with an eraser tool. You can change the offset and radius of the eraser in this application. ACO has an auto-erase feature. It is lightweight and has ads.

Download Auto Cut-Out



AutoCut is an easy to use cut paste photo editor app for Android. It has a background eraser utility and an option to crop the photos to the dimensions set by you. According to its developers, AutoCut uses AI technology to detect background. Once the background is removed, you can paste the photo cut on beautiful backgrounds. You must download the background pictures with the app. You can also paste the image on a photo with the custom background color if you don’t want to download anything. AutoCut can paste text and add stickers, borders, etc to photos.

Download AutoCut

Other similar cut paste photo applications you can try:

Auto Photo cut paste Install
Photo Room StudioInstall

Final thoughts: Thanks to the above cut and paste photo apps, you don’t need to have special photo editing skills to create overlay images. The applications I’ve shared have a size below 5 megabytes. They are so intuitive that even a 12-year old kid can use them to put a picture on top of another picture.

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