Top 5 Best tattoo design apps

A tattoo can be a name, drawing of a bird, animal, etc, or a mix of both. It can be temporary or permanent. It was invented several thousand years back. In the past, human beings used to insert ash/carbon into a layer of the skin. Today, most artists inject special ink/chemicals into the skin.

Tattoos are put on a body by a special device by a person who has been doing this task for a while. Frankly speaking, artists have limited design. Even if the artist has a great design, what if you get the body part tattooed and later find a design better than the one you’re currently wearing. To prevent this situation or to discover new tattoos, use the following tattoo applications:

Best tattoo design apps for Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone)


Inkhunter app

The Inkhunter application’s size is 16.6 megabytes. It is one of the most popular tattoo apps on iTunes and the Google Play Store. Instead of opening the tattoo designing interface, Inkhunter prompts users to sign in with their email address, phone number, or Facebook account. It also lets users use the app anonymously. Inkhunter’s main interface shows tattoos that are a part of its “tattoos gallery“. The application shows tattoos in a scrollable grid interface.

When you scroll down, you’ll see new designs. When you tap a design, you’ll see the designer’s name and an option to try out the tattoo. Inkhunter opens the camera interface when you tap the “Try” button. Before opening the camera, Inkhunter asks users to draw a square smile on the part of the body where they want the tattoo to appear. You can skip this step. Once you tap the camera interface’s shutter icon, Inkhunter will add the selected design to the image. Inkhunter supports pictures saved on the phone too. It also enables you to create a text tattoo.


Tattoodo - best tattoo apps

Tattoodo is the largest application on our list. It requires 30 to 40 megabytes of storage memory. It also requires account registration. You can log in to Tattoodo with your Google, Facebook, or email account. Tattoodo has a search utility that lets you find tattoo designs by their name. It also enables you to see a list of designs that are:

  • Uploaded by people nearby you or by people living in your country
  • Similar to the one you’re currently watching.

Tattoodo lets users browse/upload designs, follow artists, create a board, etc. It also allows users to find artists nearby them and book an appointment with the artist.


Pinterest - best tattoo design app

Pinterest’s size is 22 MB. It is a great app to share or discover new tattoo designs. It is a mix of Facebook and Twitter. Once you create a profile on PT, you can share your creativity with the world. To do so, you must create a new “Pin”. Each pin on Pinterest comprises an image, description, and title. The application lets you create boards where you can share your designs. It allows you to follow the photographer or the artist who has uploaded the design. It has a massive collection of tattoos. You can’t filter design by category. This is the only drawback of Pinterest.

Tattoo My Photo

Tattoo My Photo

TMP is the highest-rated and most downloaded tattoo design apps on the Play Store. Its APK size is 34 MB. It is the only application on our list that prompts users to select their age on startup. To browse designs, you don’t have to log in to the app or register an account but to see the rankings or to view the highest-voted designs, you should log in to your Tattoo My Photo account. TMP ships several designs and includes the following photo filters:

  • Grayscale, invert, polaroid.
  • X-ray, Seipa, 1977, etc.

TMP lets you undo/redo the changes you make to your image. You can configure it to display a notification when a new design is available in its library. TMP also enables you to rate designs.

Download from Play Store

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Inked - best tattoo design apps

Inked is a 16.01 MB tattoo design app that prompts you to enable these permissions to work:

  • Camera.
  • Storage access.

When you grant the above two permissions, you’ll see the following three buttons on the screen and an ad:

  1. Camera
  2. Gallery
  3. Your creation.

The last button shows the list of pictures you’ve edited. When you take/choose a picture after tapping the 1st or the 2nd button, Inked requests you to crop the photo. Once you do so, Inked shows a list of things you can put on the person depicted in the picture. The things include piercings, tattoos, etc.

Inked lets users erase the tattoos and piercings. It also allows users to change their color. The tattoos in the application are grouped in the following categories:

  • Wings, butterfly, angle.
  • Cross, dragon, fire muscle, neck, etc.

Download from Play Store

Why use a tattoo design app?

Well, the apps display what your body part will look like once you put a tattoo on it. Some people are always in a hurry. When such users get their body tattooed and don’t like the design after a few days, they may have to dish out hundreds of dollars to get the tattoo removed. The apps let users try various tattoos. They also have a sharing feature built-in. Thus, you can share the design with your friends and ask them for feedback.

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