Cheetah Mobiles ArmorFly Browser review – fast and secure

According to the Google Play Store, Cheetah mobiles is a top Android developer. It is the company behind several popular applications. Over 100 million people use the applications launched by Cheetah mobiles.

The developer introduces new apps for Android every 5 to 6 months. Its latest product is a browser called ArmorFly. Here’s the review of the new web browser from Cheetah Mobiles.


The application is available for download on the Google Play Store. Its APK size is 6.9 megabytes. Install the app and run it.

By default, many top Android browser applications make users join the user experience improvement program without their knowledge or permission.

ArmorFly browser displays the option for joining the UX program when the user runs the app for the first time. The app selects the option by default. You can deselect it if you don’t want the browser to send your data.

Below the option, you’ll find a button. Tap on it. Now, the ArmorFly browser loads a slideshow for making you aware of its various features.

The browser provides the following features:

Safe browsing: While using the browser, you may come across a website that contains harmful advertisements or code. ArmorFly prevents users from accessing these urls.

History cleaner: The browser from Cheetah mobiles automatically clears the browsing history before you close it. In other words, it removes leftovers of websites and frees storage memory.

Private vault: This feature of the ArmorFly browser makes sure that the browser saves files you download or view in a password protected folder.

You can save pictures, documents, videos, or the entire download folder created by the browser to the Private Vault.

Main interface

Armorfly browser review free download

The browser features a speed dial module on its main interface. The interface contains bookmarks to popular websites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Gmail, etc. The app lets you manage the bookmarks.

Above the speed dial interface, you’ll find a search box to find information on search engines. Google is the default search engine in the app.

The search box doubles up as the browser’s address bar. To open your favorite website, enter its name or address in the text field.

Once you do so, ArmorFly will open the website within a few seconds.

When you scroll down a page, the browser automatically activates the full-screen browsing mode.

Like other modern browsers for mobile phones, ArmorFly supports tabbed browsing. It supports private browsing. To prevent websites from tracking your location, tap on the Private Vault icon on the main UI and select the Incognito Window option.

The ArmorFly browser from Cheetah mobiles features a built-in language translator tool. It lets you view the desktop version of the website.

ArmorFly browser settings interface

Security settings: This interface provides the following options:

  1. Set a password for the Private Vault module.
  2. Clear browsing data.
  3. Enable clear date on exit feature.
  4. Enable do not track feature.
  5. Turn on/off send usage and crash reports module.
  6. Enable download protection feature (the browser scans downloaded files for virus infections).

Download settings: The browser lets you specify the number of files it should download at a time. It enables you to define the default location of downloaded files.

Browser settings: Here, you can change the default search engine, disable loading of images, activate preloading of websites, and open links in new tabs.

Adblock: The ArmorFly browser from Cheetah mobiles comes with a built-in adblocker tool. You can disable the ad blocker or whitelist ads through this interface.

My Verdict

ArmorFly is a lightweight browser with plenty of features. It has a special safety feature in the form of Private Vault.

The browser is easy to use. It is fast and doesn’t require plenty of RAM.

ArmorFly is a new software product of Cheetah mobiles. It is expected to get better in the coming days.

  • Features
  • Performance


ArmorFly is a good alternative to Chrome, Firefox, UCBrowser. It is secure and fast. It provides several feature and has a lighweight interface.