Cozi app review: Family calendar and organizer

When an important family function is about to take place, it is important to keep every family member in a loop. Let’s take an example of a wedding, an important ceremony which is usually attended by 100s of people. During the wedding, the family’s reputation will be at stake. Thus, the arrangement, decoration, and food should be perfect.

Wedding is a mega event. Although the organizer will pay the bill, he/she can’t take the responsibility of entire wedding (buying grocery items, costumes, flowers, licenses, hiring chefs, musicians, drivers, etc).

To make sure that everything is perfect during an important ceremony such as a wedding, you should create a checklist and share its copy with the members of your family. Also, instead of burdening a single person with several tasks, you should assign different roles to the people. To do so, you can Cozi, an app that keeps family members ready for events such as exams, school project, wedding, picnic, etc.

Using Cozi

To use Cozi, you must create a new account by entering your name, password, and email address in the app’s registration form. This form will appear when you run the app for the first time. Once you enter these three details and tap the submit button, Cozi will sed a verification mail to your inbox. Open this mail and click the “Verify Email” to complete the registration process.


Cozi features a tabbed interface and a menu indicated by three small horizontal bars. You’ll find the following four tabs just above the phone’s navigation buttons or the home button:

  • Home, Calendar.
  • List and Recipes.


This tab displays your upcoming appointments and events. It also shows your shopping/to-do lists, and ads (if you’re using the free edition of Cozi).


This interface is similar to the home interface of calendar apps. Here, you’ll find a list of dates and your important appointments. This interface makes you aware of upcoming public functions such as Independence/Republic days, festivals, etc as well.

The app allows users to see and edit their upcoming events/appointments. It also enables you to share an event with a family member and see the events that you’ve attended in the past. If you’re using the premium version of the Cozi app, you can search calendar entries by name or switch to month view from the day view.

How to create an event/appointment in Cozi?

Tap on one of the dates displayed in the Calendar section. The app will now request you to enter a description, note, location, time, and date you want the app to remind you of the event. Once you enter the required details, tap the submit button.


The Lists interface of Cozi is divided into 2 sections – shopping and to do. The shopping section displays the name of the list and the items present in it. It also displays an option to create a new list. By default, Cozi provides two lists – grocery and wholesale.

The “To Do” section of the Lists interface enables users to create checklists. Cozi lets users share the checklists with their family members so that when they complete the task, they can mark the task as completed.


Cozi can import recipes and their ingredients published on a webpage. It also allows you to create a new recipe from scratch. Once you import a recipe, you can add it your Recipe box or plan your next meal with the Cozi app.

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Other features of the app


Cozi can import your Google/Microsoft calendar entries so that you don’t have to recreate events manually. This time-saving feature can be configured from the app’s “Manage Calendar” setting.


Cozi ships with 13+ themes. Only the default i.e. Cozi theme is free.

Family Members

With Cozi, you can add as many family members as you want. To add a new family member, you’ll have to enter the person’s name, email address and select a color for their account. To make sure the person receives Agenda emails on time, you should configure the member’s communication settings.


To create a journal entry in Cozi, you must:

  1. Select a photo from the phone’s gallery.
  2. Enter a description.
  3. Select a date.

Cozi can automatically create a newsletter from your journal entries and send it to the inbox of the people you choose. The mobile version of Cozi doesn’t support this feature. To configure newsletter emails, you must use the app’s official website.



  • No limit on the number of family members you can add.
  • Sharing lists, events, appointments is easy.
  • Option to import recipes from website pages.


Cozi doesn’t let users rename the Shopping tab of the List interface to something else. Also, you can’t configure newsletter on the mobile version of the app. One more thing that I found strange is that you must pay money to unlock the search tool.

  • Features
  • UI (Website and app)
  • Performance


Cozi is no doubt a great family organize app but I think its search feature is a joke. Search is a tool that you’ll find in almost all content based Android apps. I’m not sure why the company wants you to pay money for using a basic feature.