Sleep Cycle: Smart alarm clock and sleep tracker

Sleep Cycle is one of the highest rated sleep tracker and alarm apps. According to its developers, the app wakes the users at the best possible time.

Sleep Cycle’s size is 35 megabytes. It runs on Android 5.0+ and IOS 10.0+ devices. SC doesn’t have advertisements but it includes in-app purchases.

How different is SC from other alarm and sleep tracker apps? Is the application worth using? Let’s find it out!

Getting started

Sleep cycle asks users to log in to their account via Google or by entering an email address and password they had used to register an account. You can skip the sign-up/login process and proceed to the main interface by tapping the skip button.


SC has an emerald color interface which is divided into the following four sections:


The Sleep interface enables you to set up alarms and manage them. Instead of playing the default alarm tone on your phone, SC will play one of its own 16 ringtones. Out of 16 ringtones, four are free and 12 are premium. SC supports custom audio files. Thus, you can configure it to play your favorite song or music.


The journal interface displays a wave graph of the data the app has collected while you were sleeping. The graph’s y-axis boasts 3 points – deep sleep, sleep, and awake. The x-axis indicates time. If you had a great sleep last night, the waves on the graph will not surpass the sleep point of the y-axis. If you had terrible sleep, the waves will touch the awake point several times.

Below the graph, the app displays an option to add a note, the time you went to the bed, the time you woke up, etc. The app will unlock the graph only if it collects ample data. It won’t display the graph if you use the application for a few minutes.

How does the app track you while you were asleep?

SC uses the smartphone’s microphone to detect your movements. It uses a patented algorithm that ignores the movements of objects or people near you. To make sure that the app tracks your motion, make sure that the phone’s microphone points to you. If you’re uncomfortable in letting the app use the microphone, you can configure Sleep Cycle to use the phone’s accelerometer sensor instead of the microphone.


This section features several graphs. Only premium users are given access to this interface.


Here, you’ll find options to configure sound properties, set wake up phase value, open advanced settings interface, enable/disable online backup, specify sleep mood, open help section, etc.

The profile interface also displays the average sleeping time and quality of the user.

Other features of the Sleep Cycle app:

Snore Detection

The app can record your snoring. If you’re suffering from disorders such as sleep apnea, use this feature.

By default, SC saves audio recordings on your smartphone for 20 days. You can change this value to 1, 100, or unlimited nights. You can also disable the snore detection feature.

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Want to stop the alarm without touching the phone or unlocking the screen? Sleep Cycle will pause/stop the alarm when you pick up the phone or tap the bedside table with your finger/hand a couple of times.

Wake up phase

When this value is set, Sleep Cycle calculates the time frame in which it should wake up the user. If SC senses user’s movement minutes before triggering the alarm, it will set off the alarm. The value of the wake-up phase can be up to 90 minutes.

Other features:

  • The app displays the size of the recorded audio files.
  • SC lets users delete the data it has collected.



Algorithm: Sleep Cycle employs a patented algorithm to track the user’s motion with the phone’s microphone. Patents are approved only if the algorithms are accurate.

Graphs: The app analyzes the collected data and generates graphs that help users understand their sleep.

Smart alarm: The application’s motion tracking algorithm and alarm system work like a charm.


Battery: If you keep an app running throughout the night, the battery will drain. Sleep Cycle app is no exception. Also, the app recommends users to keep the phone connected to the charger overnight. Overcharging the phone’s battery may reduce its lifespan.

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Should you use the app?

If a health condition such as severe headache or stomach ache wakes you up, you must seek medical advice instead of using the app’s sleep tracker. Also, sleep is one thing that you can’t control. When you’re sleeping, the brain does some important work. If you’re healthy and enjoy a good sleep, there’s no point in using this application.

The app promises a great start to your morning by gently waking you up with song or music of your choice. Thus, instead of relying on your partner, sibling, watch or your parents, you can use this application.

  • Features
  • Performance
  • UI


Sleep Cycle is one of the first apps to feature an intelligent alarm. It gives you complete control over the data it has collected.