5 Best Android alarm clock app

Most people struggle to get out of bed in the early morning. To make sure that your morning routine doesn’t get messed up, you must wake up on time. Mechanical alarm clocks have a button to stop the alarm. 9 out of 10 people who keep the alarm clocks nearby their beds are likely to press this button. If the clock is cheap, some people won’t hesitate to throw it away and make it defunct. Smartphones have a built-in alarm function that works like a charm. Although the GUI and features of this utility are ordinary, it is better than mechanical or digital clocks.

Why should you use an alarm clock app?

  1. Smartphones are expensive compared to digital alarm clocks. If you are frustrated by the repeated sound of the alarm, you can thrash your clock but you won’t throw away your phone.
  2. Some alarm clock apps are designed to force you out of the bed. They won’t stop unless you complete a small task.
  3. Mechanical clocks can get dirty but your smartphone won’t.

Here’s the list of the best alarm clock apps for Android:

Best Android alarm clock apps



Leading news sites have labeled Alarmy as the world’s most annoying alarm app. Alarmy has an easy to navigate interface that flaunts 3 preset alarms. It also has an option to add a new alarm. You can edit the existing alarms or create a new one in this application. To create a new alarm with this app, follow the below steps:

  1. Tap the add button.
  2. Set an alarm trigger time.
  3. Select a ringtone or music file the app should play when the alarm has been triggered.
  4. Set alarm repeat days.
  5. Tap on the Submit button.

Alarmy lets users configure one of the below 5 methods to turn off the alarm:

Take a picture: You must take a photo of an object with a smartphone. The app remembers this image. When you try to disable the active alarm, Alarmy will prompt you to take a picture. Once you capture the photo, it compares the two images – the picture you’ve taken while configuring the alarm and the recently captured photo. If the two images are the same, Alarmy will stop the alarm else your phone will continue ringing.

Shake the phone: Users must shake the phone in a pattern they can remember. Alarmy uses the phone’s gyroscope or accelerometer sensor to record the pattern. When the alarm starts ringing, you must shake the phone in the pattern which the app has recorded to disable the alarm.

Solve the math problem: Alarmy asks you to solve a basic math question. If you answer the question correctly, the app will turn off the alarm.

Scan a barcode: If you’ve chosen this method, Alarmy will play the ringtone repeatedly. Your phone will stop ringing when you scan a QR code with it.

Alarmy is free. It packs several color themes and has the option to prevent users from uninstalling the app. You can backup and restore the alarm settings in this application.

Download Alarmy


AlarmMon - Best Android alarm clock app

AlarmMon is a top-rated Android alarm app. It has a visually appealing UI. AlarmMon supports three types of alarms – vibrating, game, and sound. The 1st two alarms are easy to set up. The game alarm is designed for heavy sleepers. While creating it, the user must select a game the app should run when the alarm starts ringing. You can disable the remaining two alarms by tapping on the stop button, but when the game alarm is active, the users must complete the game to stop the alarm.

You can configure AlarmMon to bypass Android OS’s do not disturb mode. AM lets you choose a background color for the alarm. You can add memos to the alarm with this free app. AlarmMon enables you to disable push notifications. It includes an option to sync the alarm list to the cloud server, delete alarm history, etc. The size of the free AlarmMon app is 15 megabytes.

Download AlarmMon

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Alarm Clock Extreme

ACE - Best Android alarm app

Unlike the above two Android alarm apps, ACE features a sleep tracker function, which you can activate to track your sleep pattern. To start monitoring your sleep, you must charge the phone. Then, you must keep the phone below the pillow or on the bed. ACE includes a built-in stopwatch/countdown timer, aka nap alarm. Hence, if you’re feeling sleepy during the day, you can set the alarm and take a quick nap.

When the app learns that you’re in no mood to get out of bed, it will make you play a math game. The free version of ACE lets you choose the music file you’d like to listen to in the morning. You can also configure it to play random songs instead of your phone’s default ringtone. ACE allows you to duplicate an alarm. You can also save alarms as a template.

Download ACE

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AmDroid - best alarm app for Android

In AmDroid, each alarm can have its own setting. The app lets you import the list of public holidays and other major public events from the calendar apps to ensure you aren’t disturbed on holiday. You can prevent the app from playing the alarm when you’re at a particular place e.g. friend’s house, office, etc. To use this feature, you must allow AmDroid to read your location.

AmDroid features a statistics section where you’ll find interesting data on your morning routines. You can filter the data by date, alarm type, etc. The app lets users enable sleep mode. It also allows you to backup and restore the settings. AD allows you to change the interface colors. It can display weather information. To make sure that you don’t close the app or turn off the alarm accidentally, you can enable one of the following challenges:

  • WiFi, Barcode.
  • Math, Captcha, NFC.

AD supports Android Wear OS devices. It ships with a beautiful customizable widget.

Download AmDroid

I can’t wake up

I Can't wake up app

I Can’t Wake Up is a free alarm clock app for Android that has a simple user interface. It ships with eight wake-up tasks which you must complete to stop the alarm. ICWU can open an app of your choice when the alarm stops ringing. It provides 20+ free ringtones. If you don’t like these ringtones, you can select an audio file stored on the phone’s storage memory. The app will play this file instead of the ringtone. ICWU will stop playing the alarm when you receive an incoming call on the phone. If you don’t want to be disturbed on holiday, you can set a holiday break in ICWU. The application has a special feature called Quit Block that prevents users from stopping it.

Download I Can’t Wake Up

Alternatives to the above Android alarm apps:

Loud Alarm ClockInstall
Early Bird Alarm ClockInstall
Google Assistant’s (set the alarm with your voice)Install

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