Best Android live wallpaper apps

Live wallpapers are small applications that run in the background and display a nice animation instead of a background picture on the home screen. They are one of the several customization options of the Android OS. Live Wallpapers are designed for people who often change their home screen background image. They make your phone’s screen look attractive. Various developers across the world have launched wallpapers apps on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, not all applications are RAM and CPU-friendly. Below, we have shared the list of the best live wallpapers for your mobile device. The apps won’t affect the performance of the Android OS, nor they’ll waste the phone’s battery.

Best live wallpaper apps for Android

Dream Night

Dream Night

Dream Night is a 3D live wallpaper that sets an animated night scenery as the background picture of your phone. The scene features a large moon, beautiful dark clouds, grass, running deer, stars, asteroids, birds flying to their nest, trees whose leaves are dancing in the breeze, etc. The wallpaper provides an option to turn on the bird’s chirping sound. The birds will turn away when you tap on them. The DN LW is lightweight.

Download Dream Night

Petals 3D

Petals 3D

Petals 3D is a live wallpaper app that displays petals falling animation on your phone’s screen. It allows you to set a background image for the animation. If you don’t want to use a photo, you can specify a background color. Petals 3D enables users to set the maximum number of petals they want to see in the animation. It also allows you to set the animation speed for petals. By default, P3D detects the user’s motion with the phone’s gyroscope sensor and displays the animation accordingly.

Download Petals 3D

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Emoji Live wallpaper

Emoji LW is one of the coolest live wallpaper apps. It displays random smileys of various moods on the screen. The smileys float on the screen randomly as they appear immersed in water. To change the direction of the emoji, the user must tap on it. ELW allows users to change the background picture for the wallpaper. It supports customization.

Download Emoji LW


Sunrise Live Wallpaper app

Sunrise live wallpaper has been published on the Google Play Store by the developer of the Dream LW. It displays a nice animated scenery that comprises trees, birds, fresh clouds, rainbow, etc. The wallpaper provides an option to set the parallax scrolling speed. It includes battery saver mode, wherein the animation speed will be reduced to ensure that the app has minimal effect on your phone’s battery backup. To unlock more customization options, you must buy the app’s Pro version.

Download Sunrise LW

Neon Flowers

Neon Flowers

The Neon Flowers LW is similar to the emoji live wallpaper. The only difference between the two LWs is that the Neon Flowers LW displays colorful flowers, whereas the emoji wallpaper displays smileys. NF LW allows users to choose a background picture for the live wallpaper. It enables you to select flower shapes and colors.

Download Neon Flowers

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Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper app

Forest is the smallest live wallpaper app on our list. It employs cleverly designed lightweight graphics to make your phone’s home screen look stunning. The FLW requires location access permission to change colors after sunset or sunrise. It enables you to set a color for the trees, mountains, etc. It has the option to change the sunlight intensity. FLW supports the parallax effect. It has beautiful animations of wind, rain, and snow. Forest Live Wallpaper includes several customizable themes.

Download Forest LW


Tapet - Best Android live wallpaper app

Tapet is an award-winning wallpaper that uses a smart algorithm to generate beautiful random wallpapers. Because the home screen background is changed periodically, you can use Tapet as a live wallpaper. Users can change the background image, pattern, or color by swiping on the screen. Tapet is a lightweight wallpaper application that supports the Muzei effect. If you like the live wallpaper displayed on the screen, you can save it to your phone by tapping the save option.

Download Tapet

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 Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima live wallpaper

The Minima LW displays randomly generated geometric structures on the home screen. It lets users change the tilt, scroll, and touch effects. You can also specify a background color for the shapes in this application. Minima LW has 30+ themes. It has a theme editor tool through which you can design your own Minima wallpaper. The editor is available to Pro users only.

Download Minima

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 Material Island

Material Island

Based on minimalistic and material design, the Material Island LW offers several live and static wallpapers of islands. It enables users to set the animation time span. It includes an option to turn on a parallax background. The app detects your location and changes the color of the islands, sun, moon, and water accordingly. According to its developers, the wallpaper doesn’t affect the battery backup of your mobile phone.

Download Material Island

500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper - best live wallpapers for android

500F is yet another great live wallpaper app for Android devices. It picks the most beautiful and latest images uploaded on the 500px site and sets them as the background picture of your mobile phone. You can configure 500F to download images only over a WiFi connection. This application allows you to specify the wallpaper update interval. Users can set the brightness level for the wallpaper. They can also enable the parallax scrolling effect for it.

Download 500 Firepaper


KLWP live wallpaper maker app

KLWP is a great app for Android users who want to design their own live wallpaper. KLWP’s wallpaper editor tool is based on WYSIWYG design. Hence, the changes you make to the wallpaper will be reflected on the fly. Once you start a new project, you’ll get access to various tools that you can use to design or customize the wallpaper. KLWP requires SD card access permission so that it can save your wallpaper. It also requires permission to access your location to get weather information and the time zone. Apart from wallpapers, you can design new widgets, memory/CPU meters with the KLWP Android app.

Download KLWP

Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper

With this application, you can set a scene of your favorite movie or a small part of the video clip on your phone as the live wallpaper. VLW lets users choose a video from the gallery, specify the start/end time, etc. It lets you disable the audio and can automatically fit the video to the screen.

Download VWP

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A live wallpaper may perform complex calculations to display animation on your phone’s screen. As it runs in the background, the wallpaper may drain your phone’s battery at a faster rate. Hence, if you own a low-end phone, go through the animation settings and configure the app as per your requirement. Users who have a phone with a 2000+ mAh capacity battery shouldn’t worry about the battery backup.

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  1. Hey, guys! Awesome collection. I’d like to share my own top list of wallpaper apps: 1) unsplash 3) 500px 4) pinterest for mobile wallpapers 5) wallpapertag app 6) google wallpaper app for android devices. Personally, there is no better wallpaper than your mother’s photo 🙂

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