Top 7 Best calculator app for Android and iPhone

A calculator is a utility that comes in handy when you’re at the office, shop, school, etc. It can calculate mortgages, income tax and solve complex equations within a second.

The app accepts numerical input and the function which the user wants the calculator to execute. The processor of the mobile phone carries out the calculation and the app displays the result.

Calculator saves time as you don’t have to solve equations. It also prevents headaches because you don’t have to memorize complex theorems, formulas nor do you have to use mathematical tables.

Most phones come pre-installed with a calculator utility. If you’re not happy with the app’s GUI or performance, switch to one of the following apps.

Best calculator apps for Android or iPhone

Digital Alchemy

Calculator Plus

Digital Alchemy has launched 3 free and 2 premium calculator apps for mobile devices. Calculator+ is the most popular app of the firm. C+ has a simple design and it supports basic mathematical functions. It packs two color themes i.e dark and light. By default, C+ will vibrate the phone when you tap on its buttons. The application allows users to turn on/off vibrations.

The function and the number buttons in C+ have different colors. The app has an expandable display field with which users can see the previous operations.

Apart from the basic calculator, DA has launched scientific and fraction calculators. It has also introduced an artful calculator for art lovers. The Artful calculator ships with many themes.

Financial calculators

Financial Calculators

FC is an all in one app that gives you access to 20+ calculators. It allows you to calculate interest on the auto or house loan, FD, etc. It also lets you calculate the expected profit from the stock market and plan retirement.

FC has a function to calculate the Return On Investment, discount, tax, restaurant tips, etc. The Financial Calculators app can convert the currency of one country to another. If your phone is connected to the internet, FC will get the current value of the currencies else you must enter the value manually.

You can save the calculator values and use them later in the FC app. This application supports basic customizations. You can change the color of the toolbar, background, etc. By default, FC displays 18 calculators in a grid interface. Users can hide the calculators they aren’t using. They can also change the grid view of the main UI to list view.

Download from Play Store

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ClevCalc is a top-rated app with excellent features. In addition to the basic and scientific calculators, CelvCalc provides the following calculators:

  • Unit, currency, discount, world time.
  • Date, fuel cost/efficiency, GPA.
  • Health, hexadecimal, loan, ovulation.
  • Sales tax and Unit price.

ClevCalc has a nice interface and it offers 15 color themes. It allows you to bookmark calculators. As in FC, you can hide calculators you don’t use in this application.

ClevCalc lets you turn on vibration for the keypad. It has the option to save calculation as a record on the phone’s storage memory. CC also enables you to back up the calculations on Google Drive and see the previous calculations.



CALCU is the most beautiful calculator app for Android devices. It supports basic and advanced math functions. The basic functions are easily accessible and the scientific aka advanced functions are hidden in CALCU. To see the scientific functions, you must place your finger at the bottom of the screen. Then, you must swipe the finger upwards.

CALCU ships with 24 material themes and it lets users remove or add functions. It supports the full keyboard layout. It enables you to hide the memory keys on the keypad.

You can configure CALCU to limit precision up to 2 digits and vibrate the phone when the user taps on the keypad. CALCU allows you to hide the status bar. It has 2 unique features, Swipe To Calculate and Swipe To Clear. It lets you change the language and font.

Download CalcU

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CalcTape - best calculator apps

CalcTape displays the calculations in a scrollable notepad like interface. It has a tabbed keypad, which lets you switch between basic/scientific calculators and the keyboard.

CalcTape allows users to add notes to the calculations. It has an option to hide the keypad and copy the result of the calculation to the clipboard. The application supports undo and redo operations.

Users of this application can change the size of the font and indentation of the text displayed in the notepad interface. By default, CalcTape displays lines in its notepad module. Users can hide the lines or change their color from the settings interface.

CalcTape includes 3 themes and it supports the Indian numbering system. Users can create their own functions and keyboard layout with this app. They can also change the size of keypad buttons in CalcTape.

All In One Calculator

All In One Calculator app

AIO is a well-designed calculator app. Its main interface boasts a floating button to open the basic calculator and the following 7 tabs:

  • Algebra, geometry, Units.
  • Finance, Engineering, Health, and Miscellaneous.

Each tab has a different calculator. Once you’ve reached tab 7, swipe left to access the basic calculator. The scientific functions are hidden by default. To access these functions, swipe left.

All In One Calculator records your calculations. It lets you copy the calculations to the clipboard. The app enables you to change the number format. It ships with 9 light and dark themes.

AIOC features 40+ calculators and has a currency converter utility. It employs material design. It can accept complex formulas as input.

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HiPER Calculator

HiPER is a powerful scientific calculator app with a clean interface. It supports almost all mathematical functions you might be aware of. It is fast and accurate.

HiPER features a unit converter utility. It supports 3 modes – classic, expression, and reverse polish notation. The expression mode allows you to write complex equations in a natural way. The classic mode won’t display the name of the function on the screen. It will simply display the result.

HiPER can explain to users how it has solved the expression. It lets you copy the calculator values to the clipboard so that you can paste it into a spreadsheet or a file. The app identifies recurring decimals. It supports tablets and allows phone users to turn on the full-screen mode. HiPER supports several color themes.

Download HiPER

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Conclusion: Cal Plus, CalcU, HiPER, ClevCalc, FC, CalcTape, and AIOC are the best calculator apps for mobile devices.