Noom app: Cultivate healthy habits with your phone

The Noom app gives you access to courses and features recommended by trainers, doctors, psychologists, etc. Its size is 58 megabytes. It has a good rating of 4.2 and 2+ million users.

Noom is a popular application, but are its tips and features effective in reducing weight and improving fitness? Can you use it as an alternative to health tracking applications and gadgets? Let’s find it out!

Getting Started

To use Noom, you should have an account with Facebook, Noom, or Google. Noom lets you log in with one of these two social networks only if you have linked your FB or Google email address with the app.

During the registration process, you’ll be asked to choose your gender. You’ll be also requested to enter your first name, age, and height. Once you enter these four details, you’ll be prompted to enter the weight and the target weight you’re planning to achieve. Then, Noom asks users to select a program which they want to enroll themselves into. Users can join one of these three programs:

  • Easy.
  • Average
  • Intense.


Noom’s interface is divided into 2 sections. The 1st section displays a progress bar that indicates the calories you’ve added to your body after having breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. The progress bar gets updated each time you log a food item in the Noom app. This section allows you to see the calories you had added to your body on a given day of the week. The 2nd section is subdivided into 5 sections. It displays the following options:


Noom gives users access to several premium health and fitness courses. Joining a course is optional in the app.

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Meal logging

This is the most powerful feature of the Noom app. With the meal logger tool, you can track the food item you had for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, evening snack, etc. Noom displays a list of items matching or containing the word you have entered in its text field. It also allows you to see the minerals, calories, and vitamins you’ll add to the body after consuming the selected food item.

Noom has a huge collection of food items. It also has a built-in bar code scanner utility in case you’ve bought a ready-made meal from a departmental store and want to log it in your Noom account. While selecting the food item, you can set the quantity of food you’ve consumed. For example, If you had chosen the food item bread, you’ll be asked to select the number of bread slices you’ve eaten. You can change the unit of the quantity to oz, kg, grams, etc.

Noom has a food analysis tool that gets the nutrition information of the meal you’ve eaten/planning to eat and suggests tips that will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Course finder

Noom includes a wizard tool called Course Finder which asks you a series of questions. Once the wizard ends, the app displays a list of courses you can pursue.


Noom logs the number of steps you’ve walked while carrying the phone. Logging takes place automatically. The application takes into account the details you had entered during the registration process to calculate the number of steps you should walk every day. You can adjust this value from the application’s settings interface.

By default, Noom will pause its counter when the phone is not moved for 30 seconds. It will automatically update the counters when you move your mobile device.

Weight Tracker

The weight tracker utility generates and displays a weight loss graph. To update the graph, you should log your weight in the app every day.

Google fit connectivity

Noom can sync your fitness and health data with Google Fit service.


This section displays a list of activities grouped by date. You cannot export or import the history data but you delete an item from the history list.

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Noom’s settings interface enables you to update your personal details. It allows users to enable/disable certain notifications and delete the food search database.



  • Several useful features.
  • No Ads.


  • Courses are a bit expensive.

Conclusion: Noom is an app that not only tracks your fitness but also suggests useful tips. If you follow the instructions displayed by the app, you’ll lose weight in 3 to 4 months.

  • Features
  • UI
  • Performance
  • Ease of use


Noom is a powerful Android health and fitness app. It is worth trying out if you’re looking for an app that displays food nutrition details and allows you to track weight, meals, etc.