Tik Tok: Free video sharing app

Tik Tok is a social media app that allows users to create and share personal videos with a cool background music. It gives you a chance of becoming an internet sensation by uploading interesting videos. The app was earlier known as Musically. In 2018, it was rebranded to Tik Tok.

Musically has become a new rage on the internet. Within 1 year of launch, this application had over 1 million users. TT is carrying this trend forward. It is being updated with new features every 2/3 months. Although there’s no age restriction in this app, TT is used primarily by youngsters.

The Tik Tok app’s size is around 60 megabytes and its user base is 100 million. Is it a safe application? Should you dump WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik and start using Tik Tok? Here’s our honest review of this free video sharing app.

Review of Tik Tok (Musically)

Tik Tok

As in other social media apps, you must register an account to use Tik Tok. Once you register a new account or log in to TT with your Google or Facebook account, the app will ask you to verify the phone number. Users must complete this step to see the main interface.

The main UI of TT is beautiful and intuitive. It has 5 sections. The 1st section allows you to see videos shared by other users. The length of the videos can be up to 60 seconds in Tik Tok. Users can comment on media clips. They can also like or share the clips on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Users can pause and resume the video playback. To watch the next clip, swipe down and to see the previous one, swipe up. If you find the video interesting, you can follow its uploader in TT.

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To discover interesting videos, tap the 2nd tab of Tik Tok. The media files you’ll find in this section are categorized by their hashtag and number of views. This section boasts a search utility. It also allows you to find a video/hashtag by scanning QR code sent by your friend.

The 3rd tab/section allows you to record videos. To use this feature, you must provide the following three permissions to TT:

  1. Take pictures and videos.
  2. Record audio.
  3. Access photos, media, and files.

Before you begin recording, you can select a filter or effect, set the playback duration, choose a background audio for the video in the Musically app.

The 4th tab of TT displays notifications. It also allows you to see the direct messages sent by friends or fans. The 5th tab of the Musically application enables you to change the avatar image. It lets users modify the privacy/general settings, add profile video, enter the link to your Youtube/Instagram profile, and find/follow friends using the TT app.

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Tik Tok provides many options in its settings interface. Its settings panel gives you access to a wallet utility through which you can buy coins for spending on in-app purchases. You cannot use the wallet for other purposes.

TT gives account owners an option to block other users from downloading of videos uploaded by them. You can allow or disallow people from reacting to your videos or sending direct messages to you. This application allows you to block trolls/users sending inappropriate messages. Users can manage the blocked users by selecting the “Block List” option in the setting’s panel of Tik Tok.

The video-sharing application displays the size of cached files it has saved on your mobile device. It provides an option to clear the cached content, disable notifications, etc.


  • Nice UI.
  • Option to prevent downloading of videos.
  • Good privacy features.


  • There’s no setting to prevent auto-playing of videos.
  • Too many annoying video clips.
  • No filter to show videos of certain types.
  • No option to stream videos in lower quality.

Conclusion: Tik Tok is an addictive and safe application. It doesn’t have lewd content and advertisements. If you’re looking for a video sharing app, try TT and you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Features
  • Performance


Tik Tok is a great app to share short videos. It is entertaining, fast and easy to use.