7 Best printing apps for Android and iOS

As smartphones launched these days are no less than computers, you can use them for various purposes. Most printers available in the markets carry WiFi hardware. You don’t have to move files to the PC and fire the print command to print photos or documents. The printing apps make the task of taking printouts of files and pictures a piece of cake for their users. All you have to do is, find your printer with the application and select a file you want to print.

As printer manufacturing companies know their hardware better than anyone else, you should first consider using the official apps launched by the companies. If you do so, you won’t be disappointed. Third-party apps may fail to identify printers.

Best printer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

HP All-In-One printer remote

HP All in One app

If you own an HP printer, make sure you install this app. When you install and run HP AIO, you’ll see two buttons on the app’s main window. Users must tap the 1st button to make the app find printers at their place. Once AIO finds the printer, you can connect your mobile device to it. The 2nd button takes you to the main screen.

HP AIO lets you crop pictures before printing. It allows you to print PDFs, Facebook photos, and document files. It can also scan files with the phone’s camera. HP AIO can send the scanned document to your inbox. It lets you disable features you don’t want to use. It can print files you’ve synced to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint - best printing app for iPhone and Android

Like HP, Epson is one of the leading printer manufacturers in the world. The official Epson app enables you to select and print multiple files simultaneously. Apart from printing files, iPrint makes you aware of the following details of your printer:

  • Remaining Ink/toner.
  • Components that are due for maintenance.

The Epson app has an option to update the firmware of your device. It supports the following cloud storage platforms:

  • Box, Dropbox, GDrive.
  • OneDrive, and Evernote.

iPrint ships with a document scanner tool, and it can print web pages. It is one of the best printer apps for iPhone and Android users who own an Epson printer.

Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile best Print app for Android and iOS

SMP is a must-have app for Samsung printer users. It supports wireless printing. It can also scan documents, PDF, Text, and HTML web page files. SMP can queue multiple files for printing. To make sure that your photos fit perfectly in the paper, SMP provides a rotate and crop tool.

The Samsung app enables you to scan and share documents on the go. It can scan or print large A3 size papers. It lets you order printer ink and toner from Samsung retail stores in your city.

Apps for Brother printersAndroidiOS
Applications for Canon printersAndroidiOS

If you’re using a printer launched by a company other than the ones mentioned above, use the below two applications.

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PrintShare - best printing app for Android and iOS

Want to print a picture, contact, SMS, call log, web page, email? Use PrintShare. PS is a small application that supports various types of files. When you select a file using one of the 6 options displayed on its main interface, PS will generate a print preview of the selected file, and at the same time, it will display an option to alter the default settings.

Once you select an image, you can change its size, default alignment, etc. You can also specify the margin, change the page orientation, or scale the photo. Besides images, PrinterShare can print documents, rich text format files, spreadsheets, etc. PS can find printers using the phone’s WiFi, USB, or Bluetooth. It also allows you to print files using Google Cloud Printing technology. It is one of the top printing apps for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

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Cloud Print Plus

Cloud Print Plus

Cloud Print Plus has a better interface than PrintShare. It has a basic text editor tool for printing the text content you’ve copied to the clipboard. It includes a paint tool that lets you create and print doodles. The tool has five main components – canvas, pencil, color picker, eraser, and an option to clear the canvas.

CPP allows users to scan documents with the phone’s camera. It lets you see the list of queued print jobs and manage them. It can print photos and files from your Facebook album, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and email account. CPP enables you to share the list of printers with friends.

Download Cloud Print Plus

Final thoughts: If you own a printer, make sure you install and use one of the above seven printing apps for Android. The applications mentioned above are lightweight and fast. They support WiFi technology. Hence, you won’t have to wait several minutes to grab your printout.

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