M-Kavach security app for Android with 6 important features launched

After launching the BHIM wallet app last month, the Government of India has introduced a new security app called M-Kavach. M-Kavach offers six essential tools. It prevents misuse of the vital component of your handsets. The app was designed and built in India by CDAC. Below are the various features of the free M-Kavach app for Android:



Once you run MKavach on your Android device, the app asks you to enter a recovery number, phone number, and device security PIN. If your Android mobile phone has been stolen, you’ll receive an SMS on the recovery number. Hence, make sure that you provide a recovery number.

Before you head over to the main interface and begin using MKavach, the app will send a verification code to the recovery number via a text message. It will also display a text field. Enter the code in the text field you see on the screen.

M-kavach security app for Android

Main Window

The main UI of the M-Kavach app gives you access to the following six utilities:

1) App Manager: This feature of M-Kavach enables you to lock Android apps. M-Kavach won’t ask you to enter a pattern or pin to unlock the application, unlike other app locker tools. The security PIN you have provided in the configuration interface will let you unblock the application. Each time you run a blocked app, MK will request you to enter the security PIN.

2) Backup and restore: M-Kavach allows users to create a backup of the contacts and restore them when required. You can create unlimited backups with this application.

3) Anti-theft: This is the most important module of the M-Kavach app. If someone has robbed your device, you can wipe the stolen phone’s data from a remote location through the device owned by trusted users. The app maintains a list of trusted mobile numbers. Users who own the numbers will be able to perform the following operations from their phone on the lost handset/tablet:

  • Wipe all.
  • Wipe contacts, call logs, SD card.
  • Factory reset the device.

4) Call and SMS filter: If you’re getting nuisance calls frequently on your device, you can blacklist the spammer’s phone number through this interface.

5) Secure Storage: This is a premium feature.

6) Settings: This interface provides options to:

  • Reset the security PIN.
  • Enable or disable app notifications.
  • Uninstall or install the web security plugin.
  • Block access to Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data, and the phone camera.
  • Uninstall M-Kavach.

Other important features of the app

Plugin: When you run Android browsers supported by the app on your device, M-Kavach will prompt you to install the JSGuard extension, which detects malicious code embedded in websites.

Final thoughts

M-Kavach is an excellent security app from CDAC. It lets you wipe data from the stolen phone. It prevents unauthorized users from accessing the messaging or mobile wallet apps on your device. Visit the Google Play Store to download M-Kavach on your phone.

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