Top 10 Best apps for Android TV and Box

Smart televisions powered by the Android OS has changed our lives. They support WiFi connectivity and have many features. Traditional box type televisions have an ugly GUI based menu and vintage games. You are likely to ignore the games because of their dull graphics.

Smart TVs have a good amount of RAM and a powerful processor. Hence, you can install your favorite apps or games and enjoy them. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can easily make it smart by connecting an Android OS powered TV box to it.

If you’ve bought an Android TV or a set-top box recently, you should install the following apps to get the most out of the TV/Box.

Top 10 Best Android TV and Android Box apps


Netflix - best Android TV box apps

Netflix is the world’s most popular online media streaming service. It is a subscription-based service that gives you access to movies and TV shows of all genres.

The app features a search tool which you can use to find movies, episodes, videos, etc. It allows you to rate content. Likewise, you can find top-rated shows, movies, etc.

The great thing about Netflix is that the service is available across the globe. Hence, if you’re traveling with your Android Box, you won’t miss your favorite content.

The app comes preloaded in all popular Android televisions and set-top boxes. If your device doesn’t provide the Netflix application, install it from the Play Store.

Download Netflix

Google Chrome

Google Chrome app for Android TV

Like smartphones, the smart Android TV and set-top boxes are incomplete without a fast browser app. Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser. It has over 1 billion users.

If you install this browser on your TV, you’ll be able to browse the web, watch live videos on Facebook, Twitch, etc. Chrome supports private browsing and supports Chromecast. Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. It is a must-have app for Android TV users.


Spotify - best apps for Android TV 2017

Spotify is the best music streaming app for Android TV and set-top boxes. It has a great interface and cheap subscription plans. The app gives users access to over 3 million tracks.

If you don’t want to subscribe to Spotify premium plans, you can continue using the free edition of the app which provides access to limited songs.

Being a popular service, manufacturers install the Spotify app in their products. If your device doesn’t come pre-installed with this app, download it right now.

Download Spotify


Twitch Android TV app

If you’re a hardcore gamer, download and install Twitch – an online service that lets you watch live broadcasts of games you like.

Twitch app has a large user-base. Hence, 100s of videos are streamed every second. Apart from the live videos, you can watch shows aired by top game developers and gaming console manufacturers.

The app enables you to chat with the channel owners. It is compatible with Google Chromecast. Twitch provides an option to subscribe to live broadcasting channels.

Download Twitch


YouTube app

YouTube is the largest video hosting site in the world. You’ll find videos of all types on YouTube. Whether you’re a student, professional or retired from professional life, YouTube will satisfy your entertainment needs.

YT is the best Android TV app for watching movie trailers, funny videos, prank videos, random clips, etc. It allows you to watch videos in 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080, and 4K resolution.

Although you can access YouTube on your Android Tv through the Google Chrome browser, you should install the official app for a better experience.

Download YouTube

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Kodi Media Center

Kodi best Android TV apps

If you have stored plenty of media files to the storage memory of your Android TV or set-top box, you should download and install the Kodi. This app enables you to manage media files saved on the ROM of an Android device. It has a stunning interface.

The media center app provides a search option to find video and audio files. Apart from providing a search tool, Kodi groups media files it finds on your device in one of the following categories:

  • TV Shows, music videos, Radio.
  • Pictures, Movies, etc.

You can enrich Kodi with more feature by installing third-party Kodi plugins.

Download Kodi


plex app for Android TV box

Plex is a powerful app that allows users to stream movies and other media files to their TV. It is easy to use. You must install Plex media server application in the Android TV and the official Plex app on any phone powered by the Android OS.

Once you do so, connect the mobile device to your TV or SetTop box with WiFi connection and run Plex. The Android TV app is available in two versions, free and premium. The paid app offers an array of useful features. Below are some of the premium features of Plex:

  •  Cloud syncing.
  • Access to movie trailers and HD videos provided by Vevo.
  • Automatic file conversion.

Plex is one of the must-have apps for Android TV.

Download Plex

VPN Client

Some of the apps mentioned above may not be available in your region. To bypass restrictions, you must install the best VPN  for Android.

The VPN client applications are easy to use. They provide a one-touch option to encrypt your internet connection. Once the app secures the connection, your handset will be connected to a remote computer. Then, you will be able to install apps that available for download only in certain countries.

Amazon Prime Video

Yet another top video streaming service, APV is a premium service that allows you to watch TV shows produced by Amazon. It also lets its users watch popular movies at full-high-definition resolution.

The Amazon Prime video monthly subscription cost is $10. Once you become a prime member, you’ll get unlimited access to all shows and movies. If you buy products from Amazon, you’ll enjoy the same day delivery service.

VLC media player

VLC app

VLC has a special place in the world of video player apps because it can play media files of all types. The Android version of this app is as powerful as its desktop variant.

The  VLC media player features an equalizer tool that allows you to adjust the bass, treble, etc. It is an ad-free app that doesn’t require registration. It provides a file explorer tool through which you can locate your media file. VLC Is one of the best apps for Android TV and Box.

Conclusion: The above top Android TV apps are free. If you’re not using them, download the applications because your smart television is incomplete without these apps.